Hotel Moskva Belgrade
Hotel Moskva, the architectural jewel of Russian secession, forever changed the impression of Belgrade and soon became the meeting spot of Belgrade, Balkan and world elite.

Opened in1908, inaugurated by King Petar I Karadjordjevic personally, it was known as the place where the history of this part of the world was created. It outlived two World wars, eight state systems and became the most prominent symbol of Belgrade and the greatest charmer of the hospitality scene. If only the walls of palace Moskva could talk, they would tell great stories about everlasting love, diplomatic strategies and negotiations, inspirational artists, Nobel Prize winner writers, royal events, all night long conversations… Maybe they would reveal many secrets, heard during the last 114 years.

In the history spanning over more than one century, this historic hotel and its famous cafe, hosted over 40 million guests and over 4.5 million people have spent their night here. Therefore, with every right, it can be said that the Moskva hotel is the biggest and most welcoming host in the whole region.