'Platinum' in our Platinum Villa Collection literally translates to 'the top Villas in the Adriatic region'. These properties, many of them estates, are unique in many aspects which come together to create your memorable stay. Their locations are prime, design flawless, stories enthralling and the level of comfort maximal. Some have a strong historic dimension, and seem to bring the past and the present to peace, as oasis for travellers keen on sophisticated beauty with skilfully fitted, centuries' old, historic details. Some are masterpieces of contemporary design, integrating modern technologies to achieve ultimate ease and comfort in designing the atmosphere of your stay. And all are abundant in life's little pleasures, such as lush gardens, outdoor pools, spacious common and private areas and unparalleled scenic views. Your service starts with daily housekeeping, but through the Villa Manager, you can always hire additional support, such as private chefs, massage therapists and anything else you may long for. Excursions in the region, private transfers, favourite foods or local wines. At Adriatic Concierge Platinum Villa, the world is just a phone call away! Enjoy feeling very special!

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