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Private Concierge

Private concierge is your personal travel assistant, like a local companion with insider information accompanying you during your Adriatic trip. You can choose to have your private concierge by your side or on-call during your entire stay, day long or only a few designated hours a day. Really, it's having all your wishes fulfilled - immediately!


VIP Approach

All who appreciate the fleeting nature of time understand the benefits of VIP PASSAGE service on border controls and airport checks. A full VIP welcome: immediate completion of border controls and checks, skipping the lines, you limousine transfer right there. It's not even about saving time - it is about using it wisely.

Thanks to our extensive partner network, we are able to offer this service on all Adriatic airports, as well as land borders.



Reassurance of brand names or cosy comfort of boutique hotels? Intimate atmosphere of an elite villa or the very local feel of elegant private accommodation? A secluded beach house, a lighthouse or naval exploration on a sailboat or a mega yacht?

Finding the right accommodation is a successful journey basic. It is where all days begin and end, hence choosing carefully and in tune with your wishes, preferences, agendas and such is a must. Whether you seek luxury, comfort or value, we will provide ample choices in any regional destination – be it in Croatia, Slovenia, Montenegro or Bosnia and Herzegovina. All you have to do is tell us what you like. And thereafter – enjoy it.


Transportation & Transfers


With international connections to all major European hubs, Croatia and the region can easily be reached by different business or value airlines, charter flights, as well as private jets. For travelling in the region, and quick excursions like island or city hopping, you can also use private planes or even helicopters, as the Adriatic aerial panoramas are nothing short of spectacular.


We are happy to arrange all the details not only regarding your arrival here but also everything after, such as airport and ground transfers. In the reliable hands of our professional chauffeurs, this is the best way to connect the dots between your destinations. All you have to decide is whether you prefer luxurious Mercedes limousines, comfortable sedans or mini-van and mini bus options.
If you prefer taking the wheel into your own hands during any portion of the trip, we can arrange rentals of luxury cars, SUV's, sedans, minivans, budget cars and of course the adventurous quads or different bikes.


Adriatic will surely tempt you to try some serious island hopping and sea joyriding. Your swiftest (and coolest) choice - speed boats and motor yachts! But if you really desire to do it the local way - we'll get the ferry or catamaran tickets for you.


Sometimes the best way for you, your family or friends is to take a rent a car. We give you the best deals on: luxury cars, SUV's, sedans, minivans, budget cars and of course the adventurous quads or different bikes are available on numerous locations.

Cruising the Adriatic

6278 kilometres of coastline. 1880 kilometres of land shore, 4398 kilometres of island coast. 1244 islands, islets and coves. 47 inhabited islands. 5 out of 8 Croatian national parks. 2700 sun hours. In a nutshell - Adriatic is a boat lover's paradise.

Sailing, the rest and relax traveller's fav, can be a day trip or a longer voyage, with local skipper and/or crew or on your own if you possess an international licence. Speed boats can be enjoyed the same way, and are an all-time favourite choice for hopping between islands. Motorboats offer the luxury of yachts combined with swiftness of speed boats. Luxury yachts and mega-yachts deliver ultimate luxury, with all the perks of land hotels and ability to go the distance - seamlessly.

Any of these can be rented for half day or full day excursions to secret coves and off-the-beaten path islands, but can – even better - be chartered for longer periods of time, such as a week – or weeks - for full immersion into the curvaceous Adriatic coast. Which do you prefer?


Coordinating your entire visit, we handle everything related to your travels off shore and ventures on shore. Wine deliveries catered to the finest of palettes. Flowers, to decorate your space or throw a surprise to a loved one. A local chef to visit your boat. Escapading on land –excursions, dining, activities, shopping or just a walk on a hidden beach.

Additionally, we are happy to assist with any marina and docking issues should that be helpful.



Garnished with a heavy Mediterranean flair, the Adriatic cuisine can best be described in three terms: freshness of produce, simplicity of preparation and abundance of flavour. At its backbone - organically grown groceries, small farming communities, tradition of fishing, olive oil production and wine making – still as vital to everyday living in this region, as they are to the national economy and most importantly – to your gastro experience!

Discovering local specialties in the Adriatic region can be an adventure on its own: Boškarin beef, sheep cheese and sea salt on Pag island, truffles and wines in Istria, wild boar on the island of Šipan, moufflon and deer goulash inland. Homemade fresh fish brodetto enjoyed in family konoba or contemporary revamp of long-lasting tradition served in exquisite restaurants. Simple pleasures such as a platter of homemade prosciutto and locally made cheese. Options are innumerable, the choice all yours.

Restaurant reservations

With such variety on hand, keeping track of the ever-changing restaurant scene is not easy, but it allows us the pleasure of knowing where you can enjoy the tastiest and the freshest of the Adriatic anytime. All you need to tell us is your preference for the day, the number of your party and we'll get you in – even if it's fully booked.

Gastro experiences

Intent at providing you with opportunity for full immersion into the local gastronomy, we also offer customized tours of local wine cellars, olive groves, oyster farms, coupled with tastings and patron guided tours of the premises.



Parallel to its growing tourism reputation, Adriatic is becoming increasingly popular with famous international fashion names and retail brands. With shops popping up almost daily all over the region, should you feel a desire to indulge our assistant can provide you with the list of brands available in your destination and introduce you to the places you want to visit. Completely private VIP shop visits will guarantee you extra privacy and exclusivity. Your shopping cart will be safely delivered to your address, so you can just enjoy the experience.

And if you forget to get something – don't worry, we'll find a way it gets to you.

Culture and Events

Historical culture breeds contemporary culture. With magnificent natural and historic backdrops for events of any nature, Croatia is becoming a regular stop on European itineraries of stars as Beyoncé, Robbie Williams, Leonard Cohen, Sting, classical icons as Zubin Mehta, Three tenors alike, as well as spectacle performances such as the Cirque de Soleil. Independent film festivals are gaining more and more international significance season after season. Long established favourites, such as the Dubrovnik Summer Festival, Split Summer and Zadar Festival of Theatre, still regularly turn their entire towns into an open stage, setting off a very special vibe that makes that particular time well worth a visit.

Always in on the happenings in your destination, we will provide you not only with suggestions of available programs, but also with the best tickets for concerts, shows, gallery openings, museums and any other events you may wish to partake in.

Historical and Natural Sites

When visiting Croatia, you might find yourself amazed with how much there is to see in a relatively small national space. On the crossroads of both geographical and historical East and West, the region offers an exceptional blend of eastern and western, northern and southern influences, both in historic and natural heritage.

Traces of even prehistoric life in the region, vivid influences of the Byzantine, Greek, Illyrian and Roman civilizations, unique historic entities such as the Dubrovnik Republic, all make this area a true history lovers' paradise. And when combined with various forms of nature – the green flatlands of Slavonia, hilly Istrian inland, unparalleled coastline and mountainous heart of the country – one visit is simply not enough!

UNESCO Heritage Sites

Historical Complex of Split with the Palace of Diocletian
The Emperor's Palace, but also an entire Roman city at one point, this is a significant work of late-ancient architecture, today especially momentous for the preservation of the original parts and the whole. Still today, the Palace is a vital and vibrant part of the current Split.

Old City of Dubrovnik
Fully encircled in 2 kilometres of stone walls, Dubrovnik is a symbol of freedom, brilliant thinking, savvy trading and skilled diplomacy. The pearl of Adratic still leads a very active lifestyle: a vibrant tourist destination is listed by CNN as one of the top 10 medieval walled cities in the world, one of the top 20 world film locations by BuzzFeed and also ranked no. 3 on European travellers' choice awards list in 2012.

Episcopal Complex of the Euphrasian Basilica in the Historic Centre of Poreč
The cathedral complex in Poreč, consisting of the basilica, atrium, baptistery and episcopal palace, is one of the most complete surviving examples of its time. Named after the Bishop Euphrasius who thoroughly renovated the cathedral in the mid-6th century, it is famous for its mosaics which are representative samples of the Byzantine art.

Historic City of Trogir
Although its name (Tragurion) originally means "the island of goats", the goats are no longer encountered in the daily life of narrow streets and stone facades. However, its orthogonal street plan - tribute to its Hellenic and Roman origins, as well as its historic ambiance, has been preserved to an amazing extent, resisting even modern interventions into its fabric. It is still an island, though, although connected to land with a bridge.

Plitvice Lakes National Park
A series of beautiful lakes, caves and waterfalls, Plitvice lakes are a magnificent natural architectural phenomenon. Created by geological processes which continue today, these 16 interlinked lakes provide a spectacular scenery for true immersion in the power of the nature.

The Cathedral of St. James in Šibenik
Built in several phases for over a century, the Cathedral is a tribute to the great foresight and innovative spirit of its three architects - Francesco di Giacomo, Georgius Mathei Dalmaticus and Niccolò di Giovanni Fiorentino. Succeeding one another, they created a structure entirely of stone using original techniques to erect the dome and the vaults. Living in the Gothic times, but with minds of renaissance men, they have created a piece ahead of their times – and beauty in ours.

Starigrad Plain
The last Croatian arrival on the UNESCO list, in the recent 2008, Starigrad Plain is a remarkable example of vineyards and olive groves remaining practically intact since the area was first colonized by the ancient Greeks. Air panorama is the best way to enjoy the Starigrad Plain in its full splendour.

Croatian National Parks
  • Brijuni islands
  • Kornati archipelago
  • Krka river
  • Mljet island
  • Northern Velebit
  • Paklenica
  • Plitvice lakes
  • Risnjak mountain


Being one with the nature. Conquering the rocks, taming the wild rivers, paddling the distance. Getting the adrenaline going. All can be done.

And as adrenaline is a very spontaneous thing – just tell us when you feel like it. We'll organize the equipment, the instructors, the routes, the snacks, the winning team's trophy!


For the adventure experience the Adriatic can offer we have to primarily thank the great Mother Nature for giving us so beautiful and wild rivers, mountains and the Adriatic sea with its islands.

Health & Wellness

The combination of preserved nature, favourable climate and dedicated experts have made Adriatic a long time choice of health visitors. With several state of the art clinics in the region, minor medical, aesthetical and dental procedures can be seamlessly integrated into a true vacation.

And if it is just unwinding you need, Spa & Wellness venues throughout the coast will deliver high end service together with true benefits of the Adriatic sea in signature relaxation treatments.

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