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Business Solutions

Successful company events are vital to any business today. Taking them outside our local area is often an excellent opportunity to invigorate our corporate body, as well as our partnerships. However, as local knowledge is always the key to success, having an experienced local partner to assist with organization of such events is essential to reducing the stress and maximizing the benefits.

With variety embedded in every corner of the region, the Adriatic truly provides a grand setting for all kinds of events, from closed door annual meetings to large public product launches. Whether you already have a scenario in mind, or just an objective you wish to accomplish, you can rest assured we will work on your event as if it was our own.

Our principal business solutions are outlined further, while all the services listed in the Individual Approach section of this web can be integrated into business programs as necessary.

Event Management

Creating opportunities for professionals to meet face to face is like building platforms for idea exchange and business progress – execution must be seamless, not to interfere with the objective of the event. Handling all aspects of your event organization, from transportation and transfers, accommodation, attendee management, program protocols, and others, we are keen on seeing you enjoy your event just as much as your guests.

We provide both full-scope event management as well as partial assistance in areas you see necessary for various corporate events like:

  • product launches
  • press conferences
  • corporate meetings
  • conference/congress organization

as well as specialized hospitality events:

  • concerts,
  • award ceremonies
  • fashion shows
  • wedding

Incentive Travel

By providing your employees and partners an opportunity to achieve common goals through games and adventures, or simply to relax together, you are actually strengthening team bonds and communication, ultimately developing the sense of loyalty. And in the fast world of today, having a chance to just relax and play is always a reward!

Depending on your agenda, size of the group and its objectives, we can suggest favourable destinations, available activities, supplemental programs and work further with you to design an experience that will fully support your intent. Whether it is adventure, pure relaxation or fun filled incentive, we will be happy to provide your guests with an experience of their lifetime.



Venue selection

It's as with everything: location, location, location! The perfect event must have a perfect venue - those two are mutually dependant in so many ways.

Choosing the best venue for your event starts with defining the basics: the purpose and nature of the event, number of attendees, casual or formal atmosphere, additional services and supplemental programs. Most Adriatic destinations can cater to a whole variety of Clients, with venues ranging from historical sites now used for tourism purposes, small, familial ambiances for more intimate happenings to experienced hotel operations that can accommodate and service large gatherings. Any venue can be completely privatized and additional services arranged, such as AC equipment, décor, and hospitality service, or anything else you wish, for that matter.


F&B Services

Love comes from the stomach, an old saying goes. And as in our daily life, so it can in our business life too. Inevitable and essential, the food & beverage portion of a gathering is always a chance to add some more greatness to your event.

While you will be choosing the menus and deciding on the décor and seating arrangements, our services include negotiating with hotels and restaurants, coordinating the execution and seeing through any changes, for any of the following f&b possibilities:

  • lunch & dinner options
  • coffee breaks
  • reception and cocktail programs
  • Catering
  • galla dinners

Recreational & Spouse Program

The integral part of every corporate program, regardless if it is a large conference, board meeting or an incentive trip, are the recreational and spouse programs. These packages are designed to supplement and follow the main schedule and their successful organization plays a small but an essential part of each program.

Many such programs can be created by mixing some experiences described in our Individual approach section of the web. Popular choices include:

  • Eno-Gastro programs, such as wine tours, tasting routes and similar
  • History and Culture sightseeing trips
  • Adventure activities,
  • Sea itineraries, such as sailing excursions, island tours and similar,
  • Spa & wellness programs.

Some programs require focus on spouses and benefits of benefits of these include:

  • introduction and bounding of spouses
  • entertainment for all participants
  • opportunity for charity events
  • Road to "Icebreakers" on client informal meetings
  • Beauty & Welness & Spa programs

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